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Our story


Brighter is finally here.

Resolv is a revolutionary cleaning range with a difference. We’re here to make change that creates change.

A typical cleaning brand sells you up to 90% water in a single use bottle. Not us. Shipping water round the country along with excess waste doesn't make sense. So we cut it out.














Resolv surface cleaners come in a concentrate form packaged in a fully dissolvable pod. Simply add the pod with water into our re-usable Resolv spray bottle to make a highly effective household cleaner, which has been proven with independent testing - all while reducing plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Not only are our bottles designed to be used over and over again, they are produced with bio sugar and recycled plastic and look great, so great you will no longer want to keep them hidden in the cupboard!

Less Waste. Less Carbon. Less Ugly.

Welcome to the cleaner world of Resolv.

Resolv. Designed performance to clean our environment without hurting it. Not just eco-sure, but performance sure.

Brighter. Better. Circular.

Illustration_pod and bottle.png

Illustration_box on palette.png

We have created one refillable, beautiful solution made for the home. We’re simply asking consumers to dilute at home with one concentrated, dissolvable pod. Less waste. Less carbon. Less ugly.


We are rethinking how we shop the cleaning aisle, by changing how consumers think, feel and use them. Creating a simple way forward for the good of us and the planet. 

Wasting nothing.

Reducing energy.

Beautiful simplicity.

Our vision

Protection with performance.

Safety with sustainability.

Substance with style.

Our Purpose

Cleaning up with a lighter footprint
for a brighter outlook.

Our Values